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New business opportunities for MEM industry in Poland

Snapshot: The Polish government is supporting investments in automation and robotization

In 2023, the business landscape in the Polish manufacturing sector is facing challenges such as unstable supply chains for raw materials, high energy costs, and a shortage of skilled workers. This situation is pushing manufacturing companies to explore new solutions, which include investing in advanced technologies. This trend opens up promising opportunities for Swiss companies looking to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the Polish industry.

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Overview of the Polish MEM industry

With nearly 900,000 employees, the Polish Mechanical, Electrical, and Metal Industry (MEM) accounts for approximately 30% of total industrial employment in Poland. It encompasses various sub-sectors, including metal production, manufacturing of metal products, production of electrical equipment, machinery and device manufacturing, and the production of motor vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers.

Main challenges

One of the main challenges in making Polish industries more competitive is that they're not adopting new technology not quick enough. Using new technology can make production more flexible and better shield businesses from external problems.

For more detailed information about the Polish MEM industry and related business opportunities for Swiss companies, please refer to our factsheet below.

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New business opportunities for MEM industry in Poland (09/2023)


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