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Fintech in Singapore

Singapore is an important hub for fintech companies in the ASEAN region. What makes the market attractive for Swiss companies and how can they do business in Singapore? Learn more in the report.

Singapore Fintech

Thanks to a series of carefully executed strategic policies, enterprising founders, and a thriving ecosystem, Singapore has established itself as the epicenter for fintech in South East Asia.

“Though it is much smaller in size compared to its neighbours, Singapore the fintech nation, has grown itself into a formidable powerhouse – with nearly half of the fintech firms in ASEAN calling Singapore its home.”, says Christian König, Founder of Fintech News Network. 

Angela di Rosa, Senior Consultant South East Asia at S-GE, describes the market as follows:

“Singapore is one of the world's leading financial markets, due in part to its business-friendly environment, excellent government support, easy regulation and access to specialist knowledge.”

Would you like to know more about fintech in Singapore?

The report, which can be downloaded below, covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the fintech sector
  • Payment statistics
  • Developments of e-payments in Singapore
  • Singapore fintech map + sector breakdown
  • Monetary authority
  • Digital banking
  • Fintech regulation overview
  • Developments of blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Key fintech developments in 2020



Singapore Fintech Report 2021


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