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The Russian Market of Laboratory Diagnostic Services

In Russia there are various health organisations providing medical laboratory diagnostics; they comprise public medical institutions, such as scientific centres, clinics and hospitals providing laboratory diagnostics under the Russian mandatory health insurance programme, and commercial institutions, represented by medical centres and independent laboratories focused on providing laboratory diagnostics to the general public and consumer enterprises on a fee-for-service basis. 

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*This overview is based on available data from 2011 to 2021 (Q3) and the forecasts were made without taking into account the recent Russian Ukrainian crisis from February 2022 which has an impact on world-wide economy and on the Russian Market.*

The Russian market for laboratory diagnostic services has shown a clear positive trend during last years, with an annual growth rate averaging 11.1%.The major trend of the market is continued growth driven by medical and diagnostic developments and improvements in laboratory diagnostic methods. 

In the coming years, laboratory diagnostics in the country will evolve towards more technology-driven operations, which sets the stage for the following:

  • New microbiological test methods
  • Express methods. Rapid tests performed right “at the patient's bedside” will simplify some analytical processes and bring them closer to the hypothetical treatment site.
  • Rising popularity of genetic tests. In Russia genetic testing is becoming more and more popular for clarifying diagnoses and for determining the risk of certain diseases in children.
  • Development of molecular diagnostics. There are several promising areas for this type of diagnosis, in particular, blood screening for infectious agents and venereal diseases, diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, etc. 
  • Collaboration of medical laboratories with telemedicine services. The Telemedicine Act authorising the provision of medical care through remote consultations, consensus and monitoring came into force on 1 January 2018 in Russia. As telemedicine services become more popular, the number of tests ordered during remote consultations will increase. Test result reading and explaining services are expected to be one of the most requested telemedicine services.
  • Increased capacity of laboratory equipment, which will increase both the number of tests performed and the turnaround times for patients.

The market is characterised by a significant import dependency of diagnostic laboratory equipment and consumables that represents an opportunity for Swiss and Liechtenstein companies.
The Swiss Business Hub Russia has produced an industry report, which can be downloaded below. These are the topics covered in the report:

  • Overview of the laboratory diagnostics market in Russia
  • Current market development in public and private sectors
  • Challenges and opportunities for Swiss companies 
  • Key players 
  • Trends



The Russian Market of Laboratory Diagnostic Services



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