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Brazil Race-to-net-zero Mining

Learn about the business opportunities in the mining sector in Brazil regarding the reduction of carbon emissions and sustainable use of resources. 

Find more information on business opportunities for Swiss companies in the Brazilian mining sector in our report below.

Mining machines working in a mine

Brazil is renowned for possessing one of the most extensive mineral potentials globally. It boasts substantial reserves of various crucial commodities, including gold, iron ore, nickel, and potash. Regarding environmental sustainability and the Race-to-Net-Zero, there is a discernible trend towards the emergence of initiatives dedicated to nature preservation and conservation, particularly in the context of climate change discussions.

The data indicate a widespread endeavour to implement sustainable practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the internal challenges within each company can give rise to varying outcomes.

There is an opportunity for foreign companies to supply not only the technology but also the know-how for national companies intending to purchase equipment and technologies aimed to reduced carbon emissions, related to on-site energy generation, vehicle electrification, in-mine ore transportation, and water/energy usage. The adoption of cutting-edge technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain is poised to enhance operational efficiencies, resulting in increased revenues and earnings. Importantly, these technologies will play a pivotal role in attaining and monitoring decarbonization goals. 

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Race-to-net-zero Mining (05/2023)



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