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Understanding the green transformation of railways in Poland

Exploring the opportunities stemming from the green modernization of railways in Poland

This report consists of chapters written by leading Polish railway experts and stakeholders. It explains and analyses the state of and perspectives for the green transformation of railways in Poland. Find more information on business opportunities for Swiss companies in the Polish infrastructure in our report below.

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The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the green transformation in the Polish railways. It examines various aspects of this process. These include, among others: making the development of railways in Poland part of global and European climate goals; creating a favorable environment for investment in renewable energy sources in rail transport; exploring the milestones of Poland’s Green Rail Programme; enhancing the energy efficiency of railways; cutting emissions from the transport sector; the digital transformation of railways; fostering electromobility; legal and societal framework for green rail model; stimulating investments and innovations; the development of Mobility-as-a-service, the electrification of railway lines; the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel; and next level logistics and supply chain. The publication provides a selection of the most relevant excerpts from the original report of the UN Global Compact Network Poland.

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