Exporting Medtech and Digital Health solutions to Canada – How to make it work?

This webinar provides insight into Canada’s medtech and digital health market. Our experts are guiding you through the country’s medtech and digital health ecosystem and providing market-entry recommendations. 

Medtech webinar

Canada is a wealthy country with the fastest growing population among the G7 nations. At an estimated US$ 12 billion in 2024, Canada is the eight largest market globally for medical devices. Revenue in this market is expected to grow at annual rate of 6% from 2024 to 2028. Furthermore, the country is experiencing a surge in demand for telemedicine solutions, spurred by the country’s vast land area, the remote healthcare needs and the ageing population. This momentum creates sizeable business opportunities for Swiss companies in medtech and digital health sector.

S-GE and the Swiss Business Hub Canada are providing an overview of the Canadian medtech and digital health market, as well as its distinctions from the U.S. market. The invited speakers are covering the following elements: the regulatory approval process, the eligibility for health insurance reimbursement, funding opportunities (public and private) for Swiss healthcare startups in Canada, and collaboration opportunities with Canadian companies and organizations.

Interested in participating in the MedTech Conference 2024?

The MedTech Conference (October 15-17, 2024) is the event place to meet C-level executives from the largest North American MedTech companies. The event brings the community together and facilitates collaboration through panel sessions and inclusive networking events, providing the perfect setting for critical conversations. Usually held in the United States, this year’s edition takes place in Toronto, and is jointly organized by AdvaMed, the world’s largest medical technology association, and Medtech Canada.

S-GE and the SBH Canada are currently shaping a potential visit and/or SwissPavillion for this year’s MedTech Conference.
Join us October 15-17, 2024 in Toronto!

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