Expert Video: Domestic Content Provisions in US Infrastructure

Overcoming challenges for Swiss infrastructure in the new US domestic content provisions 

Learn what opportunities the Buy American, American Iron and Steel and the Build America, Buy America Act have on infrastructure funding, with key information into the new domestic content provisions and insights from Swiss companies on the ground.  


The recent passages of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provide an enormous economic stimulus of over $1.6 trillion to US infrastructure. Yet the Buy American Act (BAA) and the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA) contain stricter domestic content requirements to ensure the funding benefits US businesses.  

What does this mean for Swiss infrastructure companies? 

There is considerable uncertainty on the part of the US government in implementing the provisions. Our expert video will help you understand and identify the opportunities and challenges for your Swiss company, including the waiver process and legal challenges to applying the new domestic content provisions.  

Success stories in the domestic landscape 

Hear insights from Swiss infrastructure companies in rail, avalanche protection and water about how the BAA and BABA changes have affected their US businesses, and their key recommendations for Swiss companies to comply with the new regulations.  


Claudio Guler, Associate, Wuersch & Gering (01:40)

Lucy Andre, Chief of Staff, Stadler Rail (10:29)

Walter Steinkogler,  COO, Wyssen Avalanche Control (17:50)

Tommy Baldwin, CEO, Wey Valve Inc. (22:20)


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