South Korea: A role model in online retail

Opportunities for Swiss suppliers

What does a rocket delivery service have to do with online shopping? It is one of many insights provided by the webinar "E-Commerce South Korea".

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There are few countries where online shopping is as developed as it is in South Korea. And although the coronavirus crisis has slowed down life in the country somewhat, it still moves at a fast pace: South Korea is the world leader when it comes to 5G mobile network coverage, with more and more purchases being made on mobile phones.

What are the latest trends in the e-commerce market? What opportunities are there and what do you need to consider if you want grow your business with e-commerce in Korea?

In the webinar "E-Commerce South Korea", Min-Seo Kang (Trade Officer at the Swiss Business Hub South Korea) provides insights into the current situation and the various opportunities for Swiss companies in South Korea's highly competitive online market as well as offering tips for a successful strategy.

Shipment delivery at lightning speed

Following this, Jonathan Burks (Senior Director and GM of Global E-Commerce Coupang) gives Sun Kyoung Chung (Trade Officer of the Swiss Business Hub South Korea) a fascinating insight into the inner workings and operation of Coupang, the innovative online trading platform in South Korea. He explains, for example, how the company's "rocket delivery service" enables millions of shipments to be delivered within a very short time.

You can get to see this and other exciting aspects as well as answers to audience questions in the video of the "E-Commerce South Korea" webinar.


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