Webinar recording: Infrastructure Projects in Kazakhstan

How you as a Swiss company can benefit from infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan

The Kazakh infrastructure program Nurly Zhol – “Bright Path” – offers Swiss companies remarkable opportunities. They can take part in various projects, especially by means of public-private partnerships.


Switzerland Global Enterprise conducted a webinar on the Nurly Zhol infrastructure programme in Kazakhstan on 26 March 2021. At this event, managers of Swiss companies in Kazakhstan, Kazakh government representatives, and economic experts passed on their experiences with investments in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Moreover, they provided information about the options available to Swiss companies for conducting business in Kazakhstan.

Nurly Zhol: Ambitious infrastructure program

Kazakhstan announced the launch of an economic program back in November 2014: “Nurly Zhol” or “Bright Path.” Its aim is to turn Kazakhstan into a transport and logistics hub and to exploit the advantageous position of the country between China and Europe for goods transport and the development of local industry.

Roads and rail: Over 12 billion dollars in investments

The second stage of Nurly Zhol has now started for the years 2020 to 2025. Its focus is on developing road infrastructure: 27,000 kilometers of local roads are to be restored, 10,000 kilometers are to be reconstructed, and 11,000 kilometers of national roads are to be repaired. The investments planned amount to over 12 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, during this period, over 1,000 km of rail routes are to be electrified and about 600 passenger wagons are to be renovated for Kazakh rail. Various other infrastructure projects are also being planned.

The webinar recording: What you can expect

The webinar recording offers Swiss and Liechtenstein participants from companies in the construction and infrastructure sectors an ideal opportunity to find out more about infrastructure projects and investment and production opportunities in Kazakhstan. Participants were able to establish contacts with people who know the customs and economy of Kazakhstan inside and out.

Kazakhstan: Underestimated – and a world record holder

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a remarkable country. Admittedly, it has only 18 million inhabitants, but its size of 2.7 million km2 makes it the ninth biggest country – and the biggest inland country – in the world. It has borders with five countries, including Russia and China, as well as the Caspian Sea, the biggest lake in the world.


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