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Otimon GmbH: Consulting services for transportation and logistics

Member of the Month March 2024 Otimon GmbH

Otimon provides public authorities, transport companies and other enterprises with strategic advice on their transport networks and uses this to create service concepts, timetables and, if necessary, infrastructure investment programs for them. Together with its Indian partner Tata Consultancy Services, Otimon also develops and sells digital solutions for the transportation sector.

Member of the Month March 2024 Otimon GmbH

Otimon’s approach spans the entire process of planning public transport services. Based on demand data, Otimon defines targets for a particular service and uses this to derive concepts which serve as a basis for production planning and, if necessary, for determining investment needs. Otimon uses mathematical methods and digital tools to develop its solutions. This allows it to define optimal services with the available resources for its customers or to determine the minimum resources required for a desired service. Otimon combines all this to offer effective, efficient and economical service planning.

Questions to Philipp Morf, CEO Otimon GmbH:

What makes your company unique?

Otimon specializes in actions that quickly help public transport gain a larger market share. Based on demand data, we establish new transport links as needed and improve access to public transport with innovative, digitally driven solutions. We take key success factors of public transport in Switzerland, such as interval timetables and multimodal transport chains, refine them and launch them in new markets.

Could you describe your USP and tell us what you are particularly proud of?

Otimon’s aim is to quickly create benefits for its customers. With the help of operations research, we are able to efficiently plan new transport links that use pre-existing resources. This benefits customers because the services can be launched quickly and cost-effectively. In its own study of Swiss transport, Otimon concluded that train services could be increased by more than 25 percent without additional investment.

Does sustainability play a central role in your company’s business processes?

Developing environmentally, socially and economically sustainable mobility is at the heart of our business activities. We are making public transport more attractive and thus creating an even better alternative to other modes of transport.

What are your most important export markets in Europe and overseas?

At present, Otimon is mainly active in Switzerland, but we are in the midst of expanding into European rail markets. Otimon also sees great potential for its solutions in India.

What challenges do you see and where have you identified opportunities for your company?

Public transport in general, and railways in particular, can make an important contribution to the major developments of our time – urbanization, globalization, mitigation of climate change. However, this requires rail and bus links that are quickly available for customers to use. Otimon is well positioned with its solutions, which are fast to implement and just as quick to produce results.

In what ways do you work with S-GE and how can we best support you? How do you benefit from our services as a member?

As a small company, Otimon benefits considerably from its cooperation with S-GE and the Swiss Business Hubs in its foreign operations. The hubs in the relevant countries are supporting us both in establishing our strategic cooperation with our Indian partner and in entering new export markets.

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