Five Reasons to Sign Up for “Exporter demain!”

“Exporter demain!” is THE annual event for the Swiss-French export industry. It will take place in Lausanne on 23 September 2019.

Exporter demain! 2019: “Europe, USA & Co: Growing in Mature Markets”
Exporter demain! 2019: “Europe, USA & Co: Growing in Mature Markets”

Mature markets such as Europe, the United States and Japan are at the heart of the international activities of Swiss-French SMEs because of their economic potential. However, political upheavals, digitization and demographic trends such as an aging population are complicating operations and increasing pressure among the competition.

The theme of the 2019 edition will be “Europe, USA & Co: Growing in Mature Markets”.

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Here are five reasons not to miss the 2019 edition:

1. Failsafe Information and Inspiring Ideas

Succeeding in international markets requires courage – but it also requires reliable information and new ideas. Leaders of Swiss companies will address participants, sharing the recipes of their international success – and the directors of the Swiss Business Hubs Japan, France and the United States will reveal which are the most promising branches in each of their markets.

2. Topical Issues, Discussed in Small Groups

Swiss SMEs are confronted with a large number of complex issues on the international market: How can they adapt to market developments and customer needs? How can they manage customers in the digital age? In the interactive workshops, experts will give brief presentations, followed by a discussion on how Swiss SMEs can develop in mature markets.

3. Practical Advice, Sector by Sector

The "Exporter demain!” forum is not only a source of inspiration. It is also a space to get advice from entrepreneurs successfully operating in mature markets in their sectors (machine-electrics-metals industry, IT security, fintech, financing, etc.)

4. Real Information about Daily Export

Use of free trade agreements and WTO rules, overcoming market and trade barriers, analysis of the trade potential of a target market: S-GE’s export advisors and reps from the 22 Swiss Business Hubs will be available to SMEs to answer all their detailed questions.

5. A Place for Exporters to Network and Discuss

"Exporter demain!" is the annual event for exporters from French-speaking Switzerland. Among the many conferences, participants will find the time and space to interact with SMEs, sharing their concerns and their ideas for solutions.  

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