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Xovis – measuring people flows around the world with Swiss precision

Since its establishment in 2008, Xovis AG has become a global leader in intelligent people flow management. 300,000 Xovis sensors are in use in airports, retail, transport and smart buildings around the world. 

Security Control at an Airport

Since its establishment in 2008, Xovis AG has developed into a global leader in intelligent people flow management. Its high-precision sensors detect the people present in a room and use artificial intelligence to help interpret the data, enabling the desired attributes, such as gender, location or direction of vision, to be determined and movements to be tracked. This technology makes it possible to analyze and control people flows in real time: airports use it to determine and reduce waiting times at security or check-in; retailers can plan and deploy their staff so that customers receive the best possible service at all times; and train operators can accurately determine the number of passengers, bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs, thus optimizing their fleet.

Everything from a single source
Xovis offers a comprehensive service package encompassing hardware, software, service, training and maintenance. The majority of its 140 employees work at its headquarters in Zollikofen (Canton of Bern), where data is collected from all 300,000 sensors in use worldwide. These sensors are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland. There is a branch office in Boston, and another is planned for Berlin. 

Strong growth potential
As one of the leading providers, Xovis used the COVID-19 crisis in the airport industry to focus on the retail, transport and building management sectors and expand its presence in these fields. At present, there is strong potential for growth in all four areas. Meanwhile, turnover from the airport industry now accounts for less than a third of its total sales.
Growth is currently around 20 percent, with revenue of more than 30 million Swiss francs; the plan is to double this revenue in the next 2 to 3 years. Approximately 95 percent of sales are generated abroad, with an ever-increasing share of recurring revenues. CFO Denis Ranke comments: “Our aim is to penetrate new markets – and to do so, we’re focusing on large-scale projects with airports or collaboration with partners in the retail sector, smart buildings or transport. These function as an entry point and serve as a reference for us to tap into additional areas of the local market. Plus, they enable us to establish a further growth driver through our partner business.” To this end, Xovis relies on the support of strong local partners and makes use of Switzerland Global Enterprise’s expertise when selecting them.

Sustainability and data protection
The company systematically sets store by sustainability with its customer-oriented approach and products characterized by the highest quality, precision and durability. As no personal data is stored or leaves the sensor, it also ensures that the privacy of the individuals whose data it collects is fully protected.


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