Industry 4.0: speed and simplicity win

"Digitization is a mega trend in the financial sector," says Francisco Fernandez, Group CEO at the fintech company Avaloq. However, he does think that Swiss technologies possess a lot of potential.
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Speed and simplicity bring both chances as well as risks.

Francisco Fernandez, you are CEO of the fintech company Avaloq and will be holding an informal talk at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade on April 21 in the Zurich Exhibition Center on the digital transformation in the banking sector.

Certain business processes have become more complex as a result of globalization. Will digitization manage to simplify these business processes again? How do your products make a contribution towards this? Digitization is a mega trend in the financial sector. This means the value chains will change for our customers, the banks, and new business models will evolve. During this phase of change, banking technologies will play a major role. Our solutions are scalable, consistent and enable banks to grow internationally, not least because we include increasingly complex regulations. We reduce the ongoing rise in complexity in banks through consistent alignment with the user experience.

What kind of influence will innovations from the fintech area have on traditional banking business? For banks, fintechs can represent both chance and risk. There are a lot of possibilities: Will new competitors appear? Or will opportunities for collaboration appear? We were recently awarded the title of fintech company number 1 in Switzerland and are in close contact with the Swiss and international fintech sectors. We see ourselves as an innovation scout, coach and partner.

Where do you see the biggest chances and risks of digitization for Swiss SMEs who are active on an international scale? Speed will win. Simplicity will win. Both bring chances and risks for Swiss companies. In general, the digital technologies developed in Switzerland show a lot of potential, which can be seen from the numerous spin-offs emerging from the ETH.

2016 Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade on the topic of Industry 4.0 On April 21, Francisco Fernandez will be holding a talk on the fourth industrial revolution with you at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade in the Zurich Exhibition Center, while providing some insight into how this will affect the banking sector and also what this means for the international business of SMEs. Register now!

Further information about Industry 4.0 is available in our Dossier!

About Avaloq:

The Avaloq Group is a top international fintech enterprise. This company, which is based in Switzerland and renowned for its extremely high technology standards, invests more in research and development than any other provider in the financial sector. It currently has 450 customers, which include banks and asset managers in 20 countries. Avaloq creates its solutions in three development centers and offers its customers a global network for managed banking services.

About Francisco Fernandez:

Francisco Fernandez is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to IT solutions in the financial sector. He holds a Master's degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in computer science as well as a post-graduate diploma in business economics from the BWI Center for Industrial Management at the ETH. Fernandez is the main shareholder of the Avaloq Group. Francisco Fernandez's goal is to make banks more secure, more efficient and more transparent – and thus make a contribution towards increasing the stability of the financial system. Furthermore, he wants to redesign the dialog and interaction between banks and their customers.

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