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Member of the month September 2016 – STRAUB Werke AG

At the foot of the Pizol Mountain in the Sarganserland regions lies the municipality of Vilters-Wangs. The town has been home to STRAUB Werke AG for over 40 years, and the company has made an active contribution towards preserving jobs in the region ever since its foundation. STRAUB Werke AG currently employs around 60 people.

STRAUB specializes in the development of pipe connections, and its pipe connection technology has earned its place as a byword for the connection of flat-ended pipes. The company is a typical SME, having the solid potential to act flexibly in the market and to adapt quickly and flexibly to specific challenges.    A subsidiary of the Belgian Aliaxis Group, it boasts a network of partner companies, is globally active and plays a leading role in the market with its outstanding products.   STRAUB pipe couplings The satisfaction of the company’s customers is down to the considerable economic and technical benefits of the pipe couplings: for example the flexible and tension-free connection that also compensates for tolerances. The couplings absorb impact noise and vibrations and even out movements. Their seals work progressively, meaning that the contact pressure of the sealing lips increases as internal pressure grows.    They are simple and quick to fit, so the pipe ends do not need to be worked in any way. Since there is no welding or adhesion here, neither fire nor explosion prevention measures are required. Various different types of coupling are available, catering to the requirements of the different industries and installment conditions, including options for axial rigidity and axial flexibility, one-part, two-part or collapsible couplings, plus couplings to connect different pipe materials.   Sophisticated solutions beyond the norm When it comes to secure and lasting pipe systems and pipe connection solutions, STRAUB supports customers individually and with dedication and expertise. It is precisely when there is a need for more than just standard solutions that STRAUB is the perfect partner.  Starting with the original STRAUB coupling technology, which has been proven in millions of pipe connections, STRAUB works closely with the customer to develop the right connection that fulfills the project-specific requirements entirely. Customers are supported throughout the project with highly developed engineering competence and proven experts with specialist knowledge, as well as a good dose of Swiss precision.   STRAUB Werke AG Straubstrasse 13 7323 Wangs Tel +41 81 725 41 00  Fax +41 81 725 41 01



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