SERV: Security for Swiss exporters

Exporters always have to consider what would happen if foreign buyers default on their payments. With SERV, exporters can rest assured that their shipments will be paid for.

When Swiss companies export goods or services, they often face a higher risk of not being paid. SERV Swiss Export Risk Insurance, acting on behalf of the Swiss Confederation, gives Swiss exporters the security they need to accept risky export orders.

SERV specialises in covering economic or political risks that lead to non-payment. Economic risk involves the foreign buyer's inability or unwillingness to pay. Political risk includes events such as war, revolution, annexation, and civil unrest as well as extraordinary government action. Exporters can file a claim if their goods are lost, confiscated or damaged due to the political situation in the destination country or if international sanctions or exchange controls prevent them receiving payment.

As a public-law institution of the Swiss Confederation, SERV focuses on areas that are underserved or avoided by private insurance carriers. To take out insurance with SERV, exporters must be based in Switzerland and a reasonable share of the export goods' value must have been added in Switzerland. SERV's products help Swiss businesses compete internationally and create and maintain jobs in Switzerland.

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