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Chile is an attractive market for Swiss SMEs and an ideal pilot country and hub in Latin America. Compared to other Latin countries, it offers political and economic stability, legal certainty and a business friendly environment. The relation to Switzerland is well established with a Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), a double tax treaty and investment protection agreement, having already attracted more than 200 Swiss companies generating over 30’000 jobs. Especially Cleantech companies and innovative SMEs of other sectors like Life Sciences have great opportunities in Chile and will find a good infrastructure in place to expand their business.

Market Insights Chile

The Andean country was the first OECD-Member of South America, is the most developed country in Latin America and tops many regional rankings, such as the WEF’s Competitiveness Index. In comparison to its neighbors, it is known for its political stability, legal certainty and business friendliness. Chile is well connected in international trade and has signed more free trade agreements than any other country in the world. It is also a member of the Pacific Alliance with Peru, Columbia and Mexico, which encourages the free movement of goods, people and services.

Chile is a global player in mining and agriculture and has a very well developed infrastructure sector. With the highest solar incidence in the world, the country has an enormous potential for renewable energy and follows an ambitious plan to become a major player globally. In general, Chile is investing heavily in Cleantech solutions across all sectors. Government agencies like CORFO and Invest Chile provide support and funding to those innovative companies.

Trust is a key factor in Chile and therefore, personal relations are important to conduct business. To establish a first contact, it is generally useful to be introduced by an existing contact. To support this, the Swiss Business Hub Chile is constantly expanding its local network to support Swiss SMEs.

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