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Export Consulting France and Italy

Our neighboring countries France and Italy offer many good export opportunities for Swiss companies and also have high growth potential in various sectors of the economy.

Export-related questions (customs, Free Trade Agreement, VAT etc.)

Country consulting France and Italy

France's market is large (64.6 million inhabitants) and shows high growth potential in the following sectors: aeronautical engineering, ICT, mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical engineering (digitization and networking) and shipbuilding.

Italy is our second most important trading partner in Europe (61 million inhabitants) and has a diverse and innovative industrial landscape, which is also very strong in exports. In particular, products/goods for the sectors pharmaceuticals/chemicals, petroleum, food, automotive, machinery, electronics, ICT and logistics are imported.


Organizer Switzerland Global Enterprise
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Cost of participating The basic consulting is part of the public service and is free of charge for Swiss and SME from Liechtenstein

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