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Fintech in Peru: a market waiting to be discovered

A regional comparison shows that Fintech in Peru is still in its infancy and that the industry is not on many people's 'on the radar. Learn more about why this creates exciting opportunities for Swiss fintech companies in our factsheet. 

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Peru ranks 6th in Latin America in terms of the number of Fintech startups and the importance of its Fintech ecosystem. In Fintech, the country is still ways behind the regional heavyweights Brazil and Mexico, as well as other medium-sized economies like Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

Yet, Peru has many of the key ingredients that favor Fintech solutions:

  • A large informal and underbanked sector (>70% of the workforce and >90% of SMEs)
  • A financial system dominated by a few legacy banks
  • A large, young population of digital natives 

In our factsheet you will learn more about Peru's fintech ecosystem and why it is important for Swiss SMEs to start exploring its potential early on. 



Fintech in Peru: a market waiting to be discovered (10/2021)


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