How to successfully enter the Brazilian railway market

As the largest railway market in Latin America and as a consequence of the recent development effort, Brazil’s railway market offers great opportunities for Swiss companies to conduct business. Learn more about key players and business opportunities in the Brazilian railway market in our report.

Bridge over a river

Land transportation has been a challenge for Brazil since its colonial days due to its immense size. With a surface area of more than 8.5 million km2 the country ranks fifth in the world and occupies the same rank when contemplating its population of 212 million. Despite the privatization in the early 2000s, the railway system is still a bottleneck for the infrastructure in Brazil, much investment is needed to improve and expand operation. This is a great opportunity for Swiss companies that can supply technology and reduce operational costs. Railways in Brazil transport key agricultural and mineral commodities that are one of the main export products of the country.

Despite the fact of not having a dense railway network, the country has been moving up the ranks and went from number 103 in the world in 2013 to 78 in 2019. 

Report: How to successfully enter the Brazilian railway market

In our report you will learn more about the history of Brazil’s railway network and get to know the current railway operators. There will also be information about the outlook regarding the market and advice on how to successfully do business in Brazil. It is important to understand the local environment and rely in the expertise of local professionals that can guide the foreign company in the particularities of the market. 

Increase your business opportunities and deepen your knowledge about the Brazilian railway market in our report.



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