Industry Report

How to tackle the German space market

This paper is a analysis of space activities in Germany, which is intended in particular as an interpretation aid of the current situation, the structure and dynamics of the markets as well as the role of individual protagonists from politics, science and industry in the context of the entire ecosystem "Space in Germany".

Cargo spaceship on orbit of the Earth planet.

The intention here is explicitly not to present a company directory of spaceflight in Germany, but rather a handout that allows the Swiss space industry to better understand the philosophy of space activities in Germany. 

This report will thus cover the following topics: 

  • The Global Development of Space Business
  • The Space Ecosystem in Germany
  • Space Activties in Germany in the European Context
  • Newspace and the Funding Landscape in Germany
  • Individual Sub-Sectors of German Space Activities 
  • Strategic Recommendations for the Swiss Space Sector



Space Activities in Germany: Situation Analysis



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