Roundtable: Emerging opportunities in Medtech and Digital health in China and ASEAN

China and ASEAN are quickly adapting to new Digital health technology. Expert speakers will introduce the growing digital healthcare sector in China and key ASEAN countries, and highlight new opportunities and entry strategies for Swiss companies.

Medtech China & ASEAN

In this essential roundtable for Swiss Medtech and Digital health companies keen to expand into China and ASEAN, expert speakers discuss new trends, challenges and business opportunities in these markets.

China’s Medtech industry is second only to that of the US, and it is becoming a market that Swiss companies cannot afford to ignore. Understand the barriers to entering the Chinese market – from lack of regulatory alignment to the necessary pre-market approval, in particular for the highly time-consuming and cost-intensive Medtech Class II and Class III. Learn how policy trends such as volume-based procurement and localization of the Medtech supply chain will shape industry dynamics in China in the coming years and get practical recommendations. 


  • Introduction by Beat Ineichen, Senior Consultant South Asia / ANZ, Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Overview China presented by Yves Morath, Head of Swiss Business Hub China, Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Newest developments in Medtech and digital health in China, presented by Urs Mattes, independent Medtech experts
  • Q&A Part I
  • Overview on emerging digital health sectors in ASEAN, presented by Sarath Menon, Managing Director, Orissa International
  • Q&A Part II

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