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Business Opportunities for Swiss companies in U.S. Offshore Wind 

This recording showcases the business opportunities for Swiss companies along the entire U.S. offshore wind supply chain while putting a spotlight on New Jersey which is investing heavily in building out the supply chain on East Coast.

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The U.S. climate goals are ambitious and both President Biden and U.S. states are pushing for the implementation of clean energy solutions. Offshore wind energy is an integral part of achieving the country's energy transition and is funded massively along the East Coast and across the U.S., including $9.8 billion through federal means in 2022 alone. Swiss companies can benefit from business opportunities along the entire U.S. offshore wind supply chain from cabling and lifting solutions to drone inspections of wind plants.

U.S. President Biden has set the bold goal of deploying 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030, enough to power 10 million homes with clean energy and has invested nearly $10 billion in the industry in 2022. Bold investments on the state level are accompanied by private sector funds, incl. a $2.2 billion commitment by private investors to develop nine major manufacturing facilities to produce the foundations, towers, cables and blades of offshore wind turbines. Developments in the offshore wind sector mostly take place along the U.S. East Coast - a region with close geographic proximity to Switzerland. In June 2022, the Biden Administration announced a new Federal-State Offshore Wind Partnership with 11 Governors of U.S. East Coast States which have already commited to procuring nearly 40 GW offshore wind.

Aside from a $660 million federal investment in ports, opportunities in offshore wind also relate to the entire wind energy supply chain and innovative manufacturing processes. For instance, the U.S. Department of Energy is investing $30 million in solutions which help large wind turbines produce power more efficiently. 

Swiss companies can benefit from opportunities along the entire offshore wind supply chain - from supplying materials for offshore wind plants, to providing digital solutions which can reduce the costs and risks of wind energy, as well as to drones for the inspection of offshore wind construction and operations.

Sarah Barber, President of the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network, will introduce her network and provide a brief overview of the Network's member companies. David Avery, Head of Cleantech at S-GE will explain Swiss companies' competencies in offshore wind from a broader standpoint.

Bettina Geissbuehler, Director of Business Development at the U.S. Business Network for Offshore Wind, has worked with numerous international delegations interested in the U.S. offshore wind market and will provide an overview over the most recent and future developments along the U.S. offshore wind supply chain.

Sid Katoley, Senior Advisor Offshore Wind at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) will put a spotlight on New Jersey - a state which has pledged to generate 11 MW offshore wind by 2040 and which is highly interested in partnering with Swiss companies along the entire offshore wind supply chain.


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