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"Asyril sees itself as a company that puts people first"

Member of the month October 2023 – Asyril SA

Asyril is a Swiss company founded in 2007 and based in Villaz-Saint-Pierre in the canton of Fribourg. It employs more than 70 people at its parent company and its various subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Japan and Singapore.

Asyril develops and produces high-performance flexible feeding systems for automated assembly machines and robotics. Asyril products can handle parts and components from 0.1 mm to 150 mm in size. Its patented 3-axis vibration technology, as well as its EYE+ smart control system, can be easily integrated into automation machines for greater flexibility, speed and precision.

Member of the month October 2023 – Asyril SA

Asyril’s products are marketed in more than 30 countries through direct sales or through a network of more than 55 distributors. The main areas of use are automotive, watchmaking, electronics, medical or cosmetics.

Alain Codourey, CEO Asyril SA, tells us in the interview: “We do everything possible to support our customers throughout their various projects, from the feasibility phase in one of our laboratories to the start-up and optimization of their machine.

Asyril aims to be a company that puts people at the center, respects standards and the environment, and provides products of the highest quality.” 

Questions for Alain Codourey, CEO of Asyril SA:

What is your company and what is its unique feature?

Asyril is and wants to remain one of the indisputable leaders in the field of flexible feeding. We want to make flexible feeding as simple as possible and accessible to everyone. To achieve these goals, we have focused our model on always having leading-edge R&D, using the latest trends such as AI, as well as a sales and support network that can support our customers globally.

Where do you see the greatest (export) potential for Asyril and why exactly there?

Switzerland, Germany and the United States are countries with strong potential for Asyril. More generally, the potential lies where automation is most advanced and where the greatest number of robots is installed. In this regard, Asia is certainly a prime target for the next few years.

What trends do you see in your sector or industry?

The need for automation is constantly increasing. This is due in part to the difficulty in finding skilled workers, as well as a tendency to want to produce more locally than before. In addition, a lot of repetitive tasks can be undertaken more and more easily by robots, creating new jobs that are more interesting and certainly less burdensome.

What accomplishments are you particularly proud of?

Expanding a business worldwide that started in a local niche market. Asyril began its activities as a supplier of special machines for the watchmaking industry before turning strategically into the sale of components that could be used in all industrial areas. This shift has enabled rapid growth and is the foundation of our current success.

In what areas do you work with S-GE? How can we best help you?

Asyril has been a member of S-GE for several years and relies on its services from time to time to support its expansion internationally. Participating in some seminars has certainly enabled us to better understand and manage the sometimes complex export situations and to make the right strategic decisions. Our participation in trade fairs at the S-GE stand has also enabled us to simplify the organization and make better use of the “Swiss Made” image. We also always enjoy sharing and networking with the participants at the various events.

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