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Member of the month December 2018 - KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik

The independent Swiss family enterprise KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of isolated pressure transmitters and transducers. The sensor developers’ biggest strengths lie in its technological expertise and a broad know-how of practical applications in various industrial sectors.

Member of the month December 2018 - KELLER AG

The inventor of the integrated silicon measuring cell, Hannes W. Keller, founded KELLER AG für Druckmesstechnik in 1974 to establish this new method of pressure measurement in practical applications. Today, his son Tobias Keller is in charge. He continues to rely on piezoresistive technology with great success: The company is distributing its sensors worldwide and provides jobs for more than 450 people. The majority of the employees work at the headquarters in Winterthur where all products are planned, developed, and produced.

Diverse usability

There is hardly any application or sector in which highly accurate KELLER pressure sensors are not used: OEM measuring cells are integrated in various devices and technical installations – From coffee machines and air conditioning to engine test benches or diving computers right up to analytical equipment used in medicine and science. Transmitters and gauges monitor pressure levels in hydraulic systems or gas pipelines. Level probes measure ground water and fluid levels in tanks or are used for flood warning. Autonomous data loggers record pressure and temperature values and remote transmitters forward the data for analysis.

A reliable partner

KELLER is renowned for Swiss quality and precision as well as direct cooperation with each customer. 45 years of experience gained from countless projects with varied requirements help to take all relevant impacts on pressure measurement into account to tackle challenges during the planning process. Keller’s expert consultation finds the ideal solution for the customers particular application, whether it be a proven standard product, a custom adaptation, or even an entirely new development with a special structural design.

New horizons

The advantages of an honest partner are valued from small businesses and start-ups to notable manufacturers and world-renowned institutions. On that account, the Swiss sensors not only set new standards themselves, they also play their part in humanity’s strive to push the boundaries. No matter if it is the discovery of the smallest particles, new materials and sources of energy, or the exploration of our oceans and the depths of space: Reliable and precise measurement data is the foundation of many achievements of modern times. The same goes for digital transformation: Industry 4.0 and the internet of things are only possible with access to sensor data. Without it, even the smartest network would go blind. KELLER offers pressure sensors that are optimized for such purpose with low power consumption and wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth, RFID or LoRa. In combination with KOLIBRI Cloud, which is free to use or can easily be implemented in any software used by customers, KELLER products are well prepared for the future.


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