Federal funds for environmental technologies

Between 2012 and 2016 the Confederation earmarked 19.9 million francs to support a total of 133 projects for the development of environmental technologies. The Confederation explained its activities in a report that has now been endorsed by the Swiss Federal Council. In the future, funding will continue to be provided for projects aimed at preserving an intact environment.

Confederation supports new technologies for environmental protection
Confederation supports new technologies for environmental protection

Of the 19.9 million francs, 75 percent were spent on pilot and demonstration projects in the areas of waste, recycling and raw material cycles, water, biodiversity, air pollution control, risk prevention, noise reduction, climate, and soil and inherited waste pollution, as an announcement released by the Confederation states. The remaining 25 percent of the funding went towards projects aimed at improving efficient use of resources and strengthening the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.

Confederation to continue supporting environmental technologies

Environmentally-friendly and efficient innovations make an important contribution to the management of ecological problems and drive the transformation into a sustainable and resource-efficient economy. The Swiss Environmental Protection Act provides for the Confederation to support the development of plants and processes through which environmental pollution can be reduced.
Since this support of environmental technologies was launched 20 years ago, a total of 545 projects have been supported with around 62 million francs. Nevertheless, environmental pollution remains a serious problem at national and global level. The support for environmental technology will be continued, according to the Confederation, so that in future as well it can contribute to the preservation of an intact environment. To this end, an obligatory credit of 22 million was proposed in parliament for the years 2019-2023.

The detailed report from the Federal Council on the subject of “Support for environmental technologies 2012-2016” is available in German, French or Italian under the following links:

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