Opportunities in Indonesia's New Capital City Project

Indonesia is making a bold move, leaving behind the congested, environmentally strained Jakarta as the capital city for a fresh start in the east coast of Kalimantan (Borneo) island. Named Nusantara, which means ‘archipelago’, the project aims to be a sustainable, smart city. Construction began in 2022, prioritizing green spaces and renewable energy, aiming for inauguration during Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17th, 2024, marking a symbolic new chapter for the nation.  From contributing expertise in sustainable infrastructure up to pioneering smart city solutions, this project present sizeable business opportunities for Swiss companies.

Opportunities in Indonesia's New Capital City Project

Team Switzerland, the Swiss Business Hub SEA & Pacific of S-GE, and the New Capital Project Authority of Indonesia  will present opportunities from Nusantara Project, a city that is currently built from scratch, which will require huge investment both from Indonesian government and private investors. At the same time . At the same time, it offers unique opportunities to showcase solutions in various sectors, such as education, connectivity, digitalisation, energy, housing, technology, financial center and development, as well as waste management.  In the webinar Swiss companies may learn more about the project, the progress, and how to access the opportunities.

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