Certificates of origin from Iran have bear a handwritten signature

The Swiss Federal Customs Administration has increasingly found that certificates of origin from Iran have been provided with a printed signature. However, in order to be valid, these certificates of origin must bear a handwritten signature.
Street scene in Teheran.
Preferential tariffs for goods from Iran.

In order for a Swiss SME to import goods from Iran with preferential tariffs, the certificate of origin issued by Iran in accordance with form A must be signed by hand in field 11, in accordance with Article 24 (3) of the Federal Ordinance on Preferential Tariffs for Developing Countries.

Article 24 (3) is worded as follows:

"Field 11 of the form is reserved for the responsible governmental body. The governmental body enters the date of issue of the certificate of origin. The signature must be rendered by hand."

In this article you can read about experiences of other Swiss SMEs in the export business with Iran.

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