Swiss food manufacturer Bina is relying on distant markets

The rising middle class abroad is increasingly opening up sales markets for the food industry. However, these new markets have to be tackled skillfully.

The different tastes in the individual countries require a high degree of flexibility on the part of producers. Patrick Bastin, Export Sales Manager at Bina and a speaker at the S-GE Impulse: Food event, explains, in this interview, which challenges face the company from Bischofszell and how it is tackling these challenges:

What are the biggest challenges currently facing the Swiss food industry?

In order to remain internationally competitive, Swiss food producers must, on the one hand, turn up their own efficiency levels and, on the other hand, seek unique selling points (USPs) in their product ranges and/or technologies even more intensively than previously. A combination of these two activities, namely an increase in efficiency coupled with effective USPs, can generate a competitive advantage which will pay off in terms of long-term sales success and, consequently, greater profits. In connection with distribution, it is advisable to think about forming possible strategic alliances with foreign competitors in suitable segments.

How does Bina tackle these challenges?

Bina is more concerned than ever with scrutinizing its processes, exploiting synergies on all fronts and promoting process optimizations as quickly as possible with all employees. Every single employee’s ideas are collected by means of an internal ideas management process which we have been successfully using for years.

What are Bina’s next export plans?

Bina is very clearly focusing on exporting to the countries of the Middle East and Far East. In these geographical areas, Bina is conducting a brand strategy which should contribute to the sustainable growth of Bina’s exports. The main export markets in the Far East are the markets which are particularly attractive thanks to free trade agreements. These markets should balance out the revenue losses in the Euro countries caused by EUR:CHF exchange losses. Bina boasts a USP, in terms of technology or product range, in almost every one of its four areas of competence. These USPs are presented in selected clusters of countries under the Bina brands.

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