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Swiss SME conquers the international market with olives

Dumet AG has been processing olives for over 40 years. What began on a farm is now an international business, and the Swiss company, which is based in Steinhausen (ZG), now exports to six different countries.

Dumet AG produces a huge variety of olives
Dumet AG produces a huge variety of olives

Austria, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA – these are all countries to which Dumet AG exports its olives. "Germany is our most important sales market", explains Managing Director Josef Arnold. "It accounts for around a third of all exports. After Germany come Austria and Canada." Dumet AG began cultivating the German market in 2009 together with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). "As a small company, you need a partner to help you", stresses Josef Arnold. "S-GE put us in touch with a specialist in Germany who knew the market and was able to link us up to an importer."

In order to strengthen its own presence in the global market, Dumet AG regularly displays its products at the Anuga food fair in Cologne. The company is represented at the Swiss Pavilion, a shared stand for Swiss exporters which is organized by S-GE. "Anuga is the most important food exhibition in the world. It's here that we meet German as well as international customers."

45,000 fresh pouches per day – for the national and international markets

But how did a Swiss SME end up processing and selling olives in the first place? The idea developed in 1975: A Greek entrepreneur who packaged his olives in stand-up pouches wanted to ply his trade in Switzerland. But the Greek saw things differently. "If he can do it, then so can I", was the motto of Ueli Dubs, and he founded Dumet AG, setting up the first production site on his parents' farm. The breakthrough came with the first Migros cooperative, and since then the company has grown continuously. Now Dumet AG has between 20 and 30 employees and produces more than 20 different varieties of olives. Every year, the SME processes around 2,000 tons of olives. These fruits go to fill 45,000 fresh pouches per day for the national and international markets.

Josef Arnold aims to grow further with Dumet AG and to explore new export markets together with S-GE. "Already with our exports to Germany, we have been given really great help at all stages and were thus able to develop the market step by step successfully and for the long term. S-GE has the experts and provides as much support as the project demands, but no more than necessary."

Tapping into new markets

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