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Graubünden solar technology for Korea

Solar folding roofs from dhp technology can be used to gain the space and infrastructure needed for the production of solar energy. The Korean energy giant Kepco is interested.

Graubünden solar technology for Korea

Graubünden start-up redefines solar technology with flexible folding roofs 
“We are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and are equally enthusiastic about solar technology.” Thanks to a unique technology, Gian Andri Diem and Andreas Hügli, the managers of dhp technology AG, are opening up completely new areas of application for photovoltaic systems and they are doing this in populated spaces, on large park and logistics areas, where the electricity is needed. With “Horizon”, the flexible solar folding roof, dual use can be made of these areas without restricting their primary function. For their resource­saving product, the company, which was formed in May 2015, has won the “Generation Future” category of the Prix Eco 2016, Switzerland’s sustainability award. Diem and Hügli attach importance to local value creation and are ensuring new jobs with their company in Graubünden – “where our home is”. Customers are not very far away. The first project is being carried out at the sewage treatment plant in Chur. 

Swiss Business Hub Korea is supporting their market entry into South Korea 
“Horizon” is the enhancement of a Swiss technology that has already been recognized in Korea – a country where serious efforts are being made to invest in renewable energies and which is searching for successful technologies: This is a promising market for dhp. “Last summer we were visited by representatives from Hanil, a supplier of Kepco, Korea’s publicly owned energy utility, so that they could get to know our photovoltaic system”, said the company’s founders. “They then invited us to give a local presentation of the solar folding roof.” This was a big step for the start­up, which is why it sought the support of the Swiss Business Hub Korea in Seoul, the local representative of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S­-GE). “The Swiss Business Hub contacted potential business partners and verified their reliability. During our visit they accompanied us to meetings and finally put us in touch with local specialists.” The trip was worthwhile. “We signed a declaration of intent in a formal ceremony and are now planning to build a test system for Kepco in 2017.”

We were not only accompanied to the various meetings, but potential business partners were also contacted in advance to check their reliability.
- Andreas Hügli + Gian Andri Diem, Managers




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