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Switzerland Global Enterprise's ExportHelp team is the first point of contact for Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs with regard to administrative export-related issues of all kinds. 

Topic Overview

Topic Overview

Use our topic dossiers to get an initial overview of the regulations and requirements you need to meet when exporting. Contact us if you have any questions; our broad network of experts at home and abroad will help us to answer your queries competently and quickly.

Free trade agreement

Free trade agreements for SMEs: Your overview

Switzerland has 33 free trade agreements with 43 partners - in addition to the EFTA convention and the free trade agreement with the EU. What ben...

Customs clearance for imports and exports

As an internationally active SME, you need to be aware of topics such as import and export regulations, information on customs procedures, tariff...


Value added tax (VAT)

Value added tax (VAT)
Value added tax is a consumer tax which is applied in proportion to the price at every stage of the production and distribution chain.


In order for products to be approved in individual countries, certain requirements have to be met. In most cases, this involves conformity so tha...


customs permit
Certain products are subject to special rules or regulations,  for which a license must be obtained prior to export or import. 

What Brexit means for Swiss exporters

An agreement was reached between the EU and the UK. What does it mean for Swiss SMEs? If you have any operational questions, please contact us vi...


Posting of workers

Posting of workers
Construction performances – construction and erection work in neighbouring countries, and in UK, Spain and in China.
Richtlinien und rechtlich...

Guidelines and legal regulations

legal regulations
An overview of the most important major legal requirements for exports or imports.

Export aids & tools

tablet world map
Which tools, checklists, glossaries and FAQs will offer you as a globally active SME the easiest and fastest help? We have compiled an overview f...


If you have any questions about export documents, free trade agreements and the origin of goods, value added tax in cross-border trade in goods or services, customs clearance, CE label or posting people abroad, you can reach us on 0844 811 812 via e-mail or chat.

Quick inquiries are free of charge

You are guaranteed an initial response within 24 hours. There is no charge for any inquiries that can be answered immediately or need only a maximum of one hour's research. If the scope of the inquiry exceeds this time frame, or your inquiry goes beyond our knowledge, we will be happy to put you in touch with a suitable expert.


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