Podcast: Clean energy opportunities in Latin America

Learn how Swiss companies can contribute to clean energy and sustainability solutions in Latin America

Latin America is rich in natural resources and plays a key role in global commercial agriculture and mineral exploration. Discover how Swiss SMEs can help this market transition to sustainable development and clean energy with innovative technological solutions.

Podcast: Clean energy opportunities in Latin America

Latin America faces unique challenges when it comes to energy transition and sustainability. This large and varied market is an important part of the global supply chain of mineral and commercial agricultural commodities, which is often at odds with sustainable practices. How can the region combine these already advanced industries with clean energy to secure its future? 

Swiss expertise is needed

As a global leader in clean energy, Switzerland is well placed to contribute significantly to sustainable development in Latin America. The region needs innovative solutions for a range of issues, including:

  • how to save water 
  • how to minimise the impact of mining 
  • how to improve plant nutrition and animal health 
  • how to generate, store, transmit and manage clean energy 



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