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Biel-based start-up aims to revolutionize mobility in big cities

City travel that’s fast, safe, weather-proof and environmentally conscious – it’s becoming a reality thanks to Swiss company ENUU. Luca Placi and Yoann Loetscher have developed a sharing service using light electric vehicles that is set to revolutionize mobility in cities worldwide.

ENUU is developing a sharing system for light electric vehicles
ENUU is developing a sharing system for light electric vehicles

ENUU’s concept is simple: By means of an app, users can identify the location of their vehicles and reserve one. As soon as the reservation is confirmed, the vehicle is opened and the journey can start. The service makes use of intelligent, environmentally-friendly, light electric vehicles, which are small, lightweight, travel at a maximum of 30 kilometers an hour, and consume considerably less energy than normal cars. “The vehicles also boast the advantages that they can be driven without a license, offer space for luggage, and can use the bicycle lanes”, explains Luca Placi. Thus, the frustration of waiting in gridlocked traffic or desperately searching for a parking space could soon be a thing of the past.

International strategy

The sharing system is now set to be tested in Biel as part of a pilot phase before it’s rolled out in other towns and cities. “Our aim is for ENUU to be represented in all big cities in future”, says Luca Placi confidently. The concept has already been presented in various European cities. 
The start-up, which has been a joint stock company since the spring of 2018, is being funded, on the one hand, through grants or private investors, and on the other, through advertising on the ENUU vehicles. Usage of the light electric vehicles should also provide some income, although consumers are able to use the vehicles for up to three journeys per day free of charge. “We recommend that other young companies get into the market as quickly as possible and sell the product they have developed. After all, customers are the best source of funding.”

Networking on Smart City Day

In order to market the sharing system further, ENUU is to be represented alongside Switzerland Global Enterprise at Freiburg’s Smart City Day on September 13. Luca Placi is looking forward to it: “For us, it represents a great opportunity to draw attention to our product. What’s more, Smart City Day also gives us access to a broad network of great contacts.”

Workshop at the Smart City Day

Switzerland Global Enterprise is represented at the Smart City Day as partner and organizer of the workshop "sustainable mobility in cities". We invite you to participate in our workshop, share your project ideas with us and discuss new ideas for sustainable mobility in urban areas. Register now for the workshop on September 13 from 2.30 to 3.30 pm in Freiburg.

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