Conformity assessment system in Saudi Arabia

New product groups affected

The Saudi authority SASO (Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization) has introduced a new system for the Certificate of Conformity. The electronic certification and conformity assessment certificate Saber is set to replace the Certificate of Conformity CoC since 2019 and accelerate the processes. 

Conformity assessments in Saudi Arabia will be handled via the Saber online system in the future
Conformity assessments in Saudi Arabia will be handled via the Saber online system in the future

Saber is an online system that connects importers, certification bodies and Saudi customs and trade authorities. The goal of Saber is to quickly handle shipments, reduce counterfeit consumer goods, track products more easily and increase the number of SASO-approved products on the Saudi market.

Videos explaining the use of SABER

The Saudi Arabian authority provides informative short videos on its website to make it easier for users to use. The videos explain how to create an account, register products and request certificates. The following link leads to the Arabic website, via the language setting in the upper left corner the website can be displayed in English. 

To the explanatory videos

Affected products 

SASO has updated the affected product groups. Click on the link below to check which product groups are already subject to the regulations now and in the near future.

The linked website is available in English, unfortunately this is not always the case for the specific documents. We are happy to support you with our local representation. We also recommend that you check the website regularly, as it is constantly updated.

Please note, that as per 1st January, 2020, SASO certificates are no longer valid for all products exported to Saudi Arabia. Therefore, all certificates of conformity for customs clearance must be processed through the SABER platform only. The only exceptions are certificates for perfumes, cosmetics, pesticides, cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. No shipment arriving after this date will be cleared based on the SASO CoC and SABER clearance must be arranged.

Regulated products (coming under a specific Technical Regulation) require clearance through the two-part process where a Product certificate (CoC, valid for one year) is issued alongside the relevant Shipment Certificate (CoS, valid only per shipment). Non-regulated products (those not under a specific Technical regulation) require only a Shipment Certificate. 

How the registration process works

Importers have to register the regulated products and choose one of the SASO-approved certification bodies (CBs) to process their request. Please be informed that SABER can be used to conduct both product and shipment certifications following these processes.

Product Certification of Conformity

The product certification of conformity (PCoC) is issued online in the SABER platform for every regulated product, as per the applicable product standards defined in the relevant technical regulation. The process for obtaining a PCoC is:

  • Importer adds product information on the SABER platform.
  • Importer selects CB for issuance of PCoC and pays related fees.
  • The CB accesses the SABER platform to check for importer requests.
  • CB facilitates the conformity assessment process and liaises with the exporter for submission of all substantiating documents. 
  • The CB verifies the results and uploads qualifying valid documents into the system. 
  • PCoC is issued online in SABER; it is valid for a period of one year.

Shipment Certificate of Conformity (SCoC)

Every regulated product included in the shipment will be verified by the CB to ensure there is an existing valid PCoC for the product. If a valid PCoC is confirmed, an SCoC is issued. The process includes the following steps:  

  • Importer sends online request, via SABER, to obtain SCoC for importing products into Saudi Arabia
  • CB verifies if there is valid PCoC for every regulated product 
  • If PCoC is verified, the CB confirms in SABER that it has been found to be true
  • Importer pays SCoC fees.
  • SCoC is issued online in SABER, valid for that specific shipment only.

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