EFTA-GCC Free Trade Agreement How to correctly fill out EUR.1

Anyone who does not fill out the EUR.1 movement certificate correctly can expect to have problems with customs in GCC countries. Qatar, at least, announced in 2016 that it will introduce stricter criteria.

Skyline of Doha, capital of Qatar.
Qatar insists that the EUR.1 movement certificate be filled out correctly.

The Qatar custom authorities once again pointed out in 2016 that the EUR.1 movement certificate for taking advantage of customs benefits as part of the EFTA-GCC Free Trade Agreement is often not filled out correctly; simultaneously, Qatar also announced that it is no longer willing to accept incorrect certificates. Accordingly, companies that do not fill out movement certificates for exports to Qatar in accordance with the requirements must expect additional administrative costs for importing their goods.

The most frequent errors, and how to avoid them

  • The EUR.1 movement certificates as certificates of origin are only required for products that enjoy preferential customs rates under the EFTA-GCC Free Trade Agreement. For the time being, declarations cannot be made on invoices by Approved Exporters.
  • Preferential customs rates only apply to originating products within the meaning of the EFTA-GCC Free Trade Agreement and in compliance with the provision on direct shipment.  
  • The movement certificate must be filled out in English; other languages will not be accepted.
  • The Qatar customs authorities insist that the movement certificates be filled out by computer and not by hand, although this would be allowed under the Free Trade Agreement.
  • For the "Originating country" (column 4), you may only enter one country ("Switzerland") in each case. "Switzerland/France" for example will not be accepted.
  • For the "Country of destination" (column 5), you must always enter a country, e.g., "Qatar". Entry of a group of countries (e.g., "GCC") shall no longer be accepted.
  • It is recommended that you also regard this reminder from the Qatar customs authorities with exports to other GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman).

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