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Plant-based, GMO food, cellular agriculture – there’s no shortage of food trends. But which ones have potential for a business? Which will become established? And which trends can be found in which markets? You’ll get answers to these questions in our webinar recording.


Food is and always has been a topic of interest. Food is culture. And food is a basic need. This is clear from a glance at Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It puts food at the top, making it no surprise that trends in this area are almost as big as the subject itself. How is our eating behavior going to change? What will we eat? What will we do without? We have freedom of choice today, particularly when it comes to eating. This gives greater impetus to the market and the related research.

Trend researcher gives her view

This future and trend research is a valuable source of development, growth and export opportunities for companies in the food and beverages sector. In the webinar, Christine Schäfer, trend researcher at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, provides an introduction to the mega and counter trends in the area of food. She presents markets and structures and addresses new consumer needs – such as how meat consumption will develop or the potential of cellular agriculture.

Export opportunities and experience reports 

The most relevant food export markets are presented in another keynote speech by expert Damian Felchlin. Finally, a panel of three Swiss food SMEs discusses the future for Swiss food and beverage exporters. They tackle questions such as: What challenges will exporters have to expect in the future? Innovation or tradition – what is more important? And how can you ideally position your own brand in foreign markets?


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