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Clean and tidy in France

The family company Peter Moog und Cie AG produces the world's most innovative cleaning systems for wine barrels and tanks. The success in French viticulture is expected to also expedite the business of container cleaners in other industrial sectors.
High-pressure cleaning for fi ne wines Wine connoisseurs will envy Benjamin Brügger. As a Sales Manager for MOOG Cleaning Systems, based in Worb in the Canton of Bern, he travels for weeks on end through France's most beautiful wine-growing regions. Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne – Brügger knows them like the back of his hand. Only his trips are hard work. In France, the name MOOG is the epitome of the best barrel cleaners on the market. The family company produces the world's most innovative cleaning systems for wine barrels and tanks. «La canne Moog» cleans more thoroughly, with less water and great reliability. MOOG products are valued by famous vintners, large and small.   Success in spite of higher prices Active in France since 1998, three years ago MOOG resolved to follow a forward strategy. With over 41 million hectoliters of wine per year, the «grande nation» is the world's most important wine-producing country. France has enormous potential as a sales market. This is boosted by the reference effect of French winegrowers who prefer MOOG barrel cleaners, in spite of the higher prices. Because the Swiss quality product has proven its worth in hard use over years. A slowly rotating spray head with special fan jet nozzles removes the tartar without damaging the structure of the wood. This protects barrels and tanks and pays for itself in the long term.   Important revenue source MOOG Cleaning Systems has expanded its dealership network in France, it attends important trade shows, wins awards, conducts regular roadshows and maintains personal contact with the winemakers. With entry-level prices of 2,500 Swiss francs, MOOG boosted local sales in 2015 to a high six-figure amount – a signifi cant outcome for the company and its 26 employees.   Now it is time for diversification «We have successfully established a bridgehead,» says MOOG CEO Stefan Exner. The success in French viticulture is to be exploited to drive business with container cleaners in other industries. Even though that may not be comparable with the charm of French wine barrels.

As an SME we are particularly proud
of our success in the export business.

Stefan Exner, CEO Peter Moog und Cie AG



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