Export: Digitization is essential to Hilti

Dr. Christoph Loos, CEO of the Hilti Group, on the impact of digital transformation on the company as a whole, and why the location of Switzerland plays a significant role.

Dr. Christoph Loos, CEO of the Hilti Group about how global trends influence Hilti's business model.
Dr. Christoph Loos, CEO of the Hilti Group about how global trends influence Hilti's business model.

Mr. Loos, what is Hilti's business model?
We develop innovative and differentiated product, software and service solutions for our professional customers, who we reach through our highly-skilled worldwide direct sales, in addition to supporting them with fastening and disassembly solutions.  

What customer requirements does your company meet?
The support of professional construction companies and craftsmen, with safe, high-quality and productive solutions for fastening and disassembly technology.

What role does the location of Switzerland play for you as a company?
Switzerland is traditionally one of our ‘domestic’ markets and plays an important role in the continuous development of our offers. Many innovations are first tested and brought to maturity in Switzerland before we roll them out internationally. We have approximately 500 employees in Switzerland: in our ‘Hilti Switzerland’ sales organization, based in Adliswil, and the IT team, based in Buchs.

Which global trends influence you the most for the orientation of your business model?

For several years now, digitization has rapidly been changing the global construction industry’s processes and methods; this is therefore the dominant issue for us in the further development of our business model. Which global trends most influence you in the orientation of your business model?

What is the impact of digital transformation for the customer (e.g. platforms for sales)?
More and more building projects are today being planned in detail as a digital model before the first cut of the spade. This requires huge changes in the way our customers work, in addition to extensive ‘digital skills’. We must ensure that our fastening and fire protection solutions are already taken into account in these digital models. More and more decisions for products and solutions are made long before construction begins; this changes the timing and the nature of working together with our customers. On the equipment side, the Internet of Things opens up many new fields of application for the use and management of electrical appliances.

What impact does digital transformation have on the overall operation, whether recruiting, demands on existing personnel or data analysis?
The possibilities of digitization are changing almost all processes: training, recruiting, logistics, invoicing, reporting, etc. The biggest change is probably on the marketing side, where there is an increase in the use of big data and the resulting possibilities of real 1:1 marketing. 


About Christoph Loos
Christoph Loos has been a member of the Executive Board since 2007 and has been Chairman since 2014. From 2007 to 2011 he was responsible for finance, personnel, IT and corporate development; since 2011 he has handled emerging markets and energy & industry. He has been with Hilti since 2001, and began working in corporate development before moving on to build the strategic marketing infrastructure. Starting in 2004, he headed a sales region in Germany, and in 2005 he became a general manager of Hilti Germany. Before his time at Hilti, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Germany and China after completing his business studies, which took place at HSG St. Gallen from 1995 to 2001.

About Hilti Group
The Hilti Group supplies the building industry with cutting-edge products, system solutions, software and services. These offer innovative solutions to construction professionals with superior added value. We are a global company with sales of CHF 4.6 billion in 2016 and more than 24,000 employees in more than 120 countries. Integrity, the courage to embrace change, teamwork and strong commitment form the foundation of our corporate culture. The head office of the Hilti Group is located in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

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