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MOOG Cleaning Systems AG: “Export is crucial to our growth”

The company from Worb in the Canton of Bern specializes in the cleaning of the inside of containers. At the moment, this system is predominantly used to clean wine barrels around the world. More than half of the company’s sales come from successful export business alone, and this share is set to continually grow in the years to come, partly thanks to the further development of its business model.

Containers are cleaned with a strong jet of water
Containers are cleaned with a strong jet of water

France is currently MOOG Cleaning Systems AG’s biggest export market. A third of the company’s turnover comes from the “Grande Nation” – and this in spite of despite numerous challenges, as CEO Stefan Exner explains: “In economic terms, 2017 was not an easy year in France, but we managed to increase sales by 8 percent.” This growth is set to continue in the years to come. To achieve this, MOOG Cleaning Systems AG wants to establish itself in other sectors in addition to wine barrels: “Potential exists in the chemical, food or construction industries, for example.”

Sustainable cleaning

The Bern-based company’s cleaning system cleans using a strong water jet and is suitable for cleaning the insides of various containers. “We do this with comparatively little water and usually without chemical additives,” explains Stefan Exner. “At the same time, our products have a long service life and are used by customers for decades.” Customers are also prepared to dig deeper into their pockets for this level of durability. According to Stefan Exner, every producer also ultimately profits from this cleanliness: “Clean containers are the prerequisite for high-quality products, be it in wine production or other industrial sectors.” 

Expanding the export business

In France, MOOG Cleaning Systems AG has already begun to attract attention in other sectors beyond wine barrel cleaning. Countries like Spain, Italy or Germany will also get on board, in addition to North America and the Asian countries: “The construction, chemical and food industries play a major role in these countries,” says Stefan Exner. However: “We mustn’t forget that we are an SME with 30 employees. We can’t tap into all countries at once; it has to be done step by step.”

The company receives additional support for export projects from Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE): “The consultants possess in-depth country knowledge and can give expert answers to questions regarding market entry or wage payments,” says Stefan Exner. He says that the service from S-GE is enormously valuable to him; it saves time and is ultimately also responsible for their continued export success: “Internationalization is the prerequisite for us to be able to invest in product development and thus in a niche market. As a result of these investments and the potential of the international market, we have also succeeded in becoming a leader in this technology.” The CEO even dares to say: “Were it not for export, the company probably wouldn’t still exist today.” However, thanks to its innovation and a sophisticated strategy, MOOG Cleaning Systems AG can confidently and successfully present itself on the world market, thus securing 17 out of 30 jobs that depend directly on exports.

Export: tapping into new markets

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