Cross-border e-commerce in Europe

Challenges and opportunities of digital distribution models in the EU

In times of COVID-19, e-commerce is booming more than ever. Most big companies have been in e-commerce for years, whereas for SMEs it seems harder to build a solid stand in the e-business. In this webinar we tackle the challenges and opportunities for SMEs getting on board with e-commerce.

All speakers emphasize the importance of asking the right questions – and there are many, like what, where and to whom do you want to sale. Moreover, there are formal difficulties like VAT and shipping costs, returns, location of production and so on.

Learn more about the hurdles in international e-commerce

In the webinar about cross-border e-commerce in Europe, Rolando Casanova, Managing Director at Internel in Poland, denotes the e-business in Eastern and Southern Europe as advanced markets, which means, the e-commerce is not as stable and high in purchase as in Western and Northern Europe.

It is also pointed out that an e-business is not developed over night but takes plenty of resources in terms of finances, working hours and development of relationships with local partners. E-commerce is therefore a long-term commitment which requires big investments and re-engineering at every step of the value chain. Furthermore, the differences between developed markets (high, stable purchasing power, comfort-oriented, west and north of Europe) and advanced markets (unstable, medium/low purchasing power, safety-oriented, east and south of Europe) are being tackled.

Those and further questions are being answered in detail in the webinar about cross-border e-commerce in Europe by our following experts:

Nadja Kolb, Consultant Germany/UK + Ireland, Switzerland Global Enterprise

“It is very important to not only look at the big global B2C-businisses but also at the local heroes like Galaxus.”

Rolando Casanova, Managing Director, Internel in Poland

“Enterprises fail mostly because they do not ask the right question.”

Andreea Dereli, Tax and Legal Services Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG

“The EU legislation will change a lot in the next years.”

Marc Weltmann, Managing Director and Founder, Nexidée

“The French market is much bigger than only the European continental France.”

Stefano Masiero, CEO and Founder, E-Business Consulting

“The customers in our country want absolute flexibility. 57% of the commerce of Italy goes by smartphone.”

Wolfgang Schultz, Founder and CEO of SCHULTZ Digital GmbH

“If your customer audience doesn’t know that your product can solve their problems, they won’t buy it.”



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