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Potential for Swiss medtech companies in Chile

The Chilean medtech market is strongly dependent on imports, with more than 95% of medical devices imported from abroad. Over the next few years, the healthcare system is set to be expanded further, resulting in major business opportunities for Swiss SMEs.

Medical devices made in Switzerland can be exported to Chile duty-free
Medical devices made in Switzerland can be exported to Chile duty-free

The Swiss medtech industry is known the world over for its innovative products and specialization in niche areas. In Chile, the market share held by Swiss companies is currently 3.3%. Leading the pack is the USA with a market share of more than 33%, followed by Germany with 14% and China with 10.5%.

Duty-free exports to Chile

For Swiss medtech companies, now is a good time to keep a close eye on the Chilean market and explore it more closely. The following points make the broader conditions and prospects optimal:

  • Thanks to its political and economic stability, Chile is an attractive export country
  • Thanks to the free trade agreement, medical devices from Switzerland can be exported to Chile duty-free
  • 97% of the Chilean population has a health insurance policy
  • The Chilean government has set its sights on modernizing the healthcare system
  • By 2025, 30 new hospitals are to be built

Industry report to download

Since Chile is investing in the healthcare sector, the country is continually on the hunt for new trends and innovations. A detailed overview of the economic relations between Chile and Switzerland, the competitive advantages for Swiss companies, and current business opportunities can be found in the new industry report on the medtech market in Chile. The report is available for download at the bottom of the page.

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