Export Award

The 2010-2020 winners

The Export Award celebrates the successful internationalization of Swiss and Liechtensteiner companies, and shows how they have successfully positioned themselves in the global economy.

VirtaMed, Winner Export Award 2019

Export Award 2020
The 155-year-old family business Berlinger & Co. AG successfully sells high technology healthcare and anti-doping solutions worldwide. The hardware and software products are used in over 180 countries worldwide.

Export Award 2019
When a company like VirtaMed AG employs 100 people twelve years after being founded in Switzerland and, with over 1000 simulation devices, has achieved an export share of 95 percent, it is clear that the company has done a great deal correctly. And is also deserving of a nomination for the Export Award.

Export Award 2018
Thanks to inspiring products and a clever market strategy, the running shoe label On got off to a blazing start and has managed to conquer the global running scene at a brisk pace. Today, On is strongly represented in the largest market worldwide in the running segment – and continues to grow.

Export Award 2017
Regloplas AG from St.Gallen is specialized in the development and production of tempering units and is global market leader. The 2017 Export Award winner’s recipe for success is: keep on developing, but keep your feet on the ground and stay close to your customers.

Export Award 2016
Züger Frischkäse AG and Sky-Frame AG won the Export Award 2016 for their outstanding export projects in Germany and the United States. The prizes were awarded by Ruth Metzler-Arnold at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade in Zurich on April 21, 2016..

Export Award 2015
Successful with clever marketing in Germany’s tough retail trade and benefiting from China’s growing middle class and transportation needs thanks to precision technology, PPURA and Amberg Technologies were honored with the Export Award 2015 at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE):

Export Award 2014
The presentation of the Export Award was a highlight of the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade in Zurich on April 3, 2014. The winners were Habegger AG and Sensile Technologies SA. Ruth Metzler-Arnold, President of S-GE, awarded the recognition prize in the “success” and “step-in” categories.

Export Award 2013
We congratulate the winners of the Export Award 2013:

Export Award 2012
V-Zug AG and Trunz Water Systems AG were the winners of the 5th Export Awards. The recognition award was presented to the two winners at the 2012 Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade at Messe Zurich.

Export Award 2011
In 2011, the winner in the “step-in” category was Baumot AG. The company was characterized by an exemplary market entry in China. In the category “success” the award went to OVD Kinegram AG. This company is a world-leading high-tech specialist for optical security features to protect against counterfeiting.

Export Award 2010
The Export Award 2010 was won by the company Bauwerk AG in the step-in category and Contrinex AG in the category success.

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